Everything you should know about the new face of Travel - Workcations
Everything you should know about the new face of Travel - Workcations
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Pandemic has hit all the business sectors to a great extent, but the tourism sector has been hit the worst. Due to initial restrictions across the country, travel came to a standstill.

However, with the phase-wise unlock, the industry has slowly started to revive. Workcation (Work + Vacation) has become the new face of travel in the past few months.

Travel enthusiasts are planning long stay vacations to manage their work and catch up with the travel vibe together.

There are a lot of speculations going about this new phase of travel. We have tried to compile the most frequently asked questions to educate people on how they can plan their travel in the COVID era.
What is Workcation?
As dreamy as it sounds, Workcation is a long stay concept at your favourite destinations that lets you unwind and relax. If you're a remote worker, you can also continue to work from these destinations without having to take a break from work! So it's work plus vacation! Yay!
How can someone plan a workcation?
WanderOn has started a new venture to plan hassle-free and affordable workcations. You just have to let us know your choice of destination and the number of days you want to stay. Our team will assist you from there.
What all is included in my workcation?
Workcations is a home away from home. So you have
  1. A comfortable stay
  2. Homely meals
  3. Uninterrupted WIFI
  4. Housekeeping
  5. Recreational activities
  6. Transportation
  7. Assistance in E Pass Procedure
What are the necessary documents required to travel?
It is compulsory to carry the hard copy E-permit from the state government, original address proof, govt. issued ID proof, COVID negative certificate (type of COVID certificate advised by respective state authorities) and your booking voucher.
What are the security and sanitization measures at the properties?
We have contactless check-in facilities at all our properties, every stay gets sanitized regularly and operates on the guidelines issued by government authorities.

We also expect our guests to follow social distancing, wear masks, and wash their hands frequently.
Will it be safe to travel from one state to another state?
The state governments have laid out safety guidelines that allow travel between two states. Follow them thoroughly and there's nothing to worry about.
How can a workcation help me to balance my work life?
A workcation will likely help you to break the humdrum affair of your daily life, help to reboot your creative mind, hence improve your productivity in your work life. Who minds a Lil' getaway from the monotony?
How will the team help assist with COVID testing?
You can refer to the list of government-approved labs in your city from where you can get your tests done.

For people who need to get their tests done from Delhi, we can recommend Govt approved labs where fair and safe testing is conducted.
Can someone residing in a containment zone be allowed to join?
People from containment zones would not be allowed to travel due to the guidelines issued by state authorities.
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Everything You Should Know About The New Face Of Travel - Workcations
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