To Travel, Or Not To Travel: Why Travel Should Resume?
To Travel, Or Not To Travel: Why Travel Should Resume?
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India has no dearth of beautiful destinations for travellers. No wonder, people all across the world specially come here to explore what this largest democracy in the world has to offer. However, this industry has borne severe brunt of COVID19. The burning question that everyone is dealing with is whether travel should resume? While the country is in dual-thoughts, here’s why we think it should
Travel Industry’s Massive Contribution To India’s GDP
  • In the recent reports, The World Travel and Tourism Council calculated that travel comprises 9.2% of India’s total GDP. In 2018, the industry contributed around $247 Bn (Source:
  • One out of 10 jobs is somewhat related to travel.
  • The pandemic has resulted in loss of jobs for several people. Many are even sent on unpaid leaves for an indefinite time.
The current steep 23.9% downfall has shaken everyone to their core. The burning question is till when should we let ourselves be blind spectators of this havoc caused by COVID? The only answer is taking a leap of faith and resuming travel operations.
To Boost Livelihood of Hundreds of Small Local Businesses
A tourist spot is also a land of multiple businesses. Many big travel corporate giants are bearing the brunt of this ongoing pandemic. Imagine what small businesses must be facing?
  • Local inns, hotels, resorts, homestays and other lodging establishments have suffered.
  • Shops selling souvenirs endemic to the destination to local food joints, businesses who play a vital role in making you experience the local culture, are also cash-strapped.
  • Other than that, income of many workers such as mechanics, vendors, rental business owners, artisans have completely stopped.
Whether you are a traveller who sticks by the itinerary or a solo wanderer who travels on his whims, shopping is always a necessary part that completes one’s experience. Opening up travel is going to restore the lost livelihood of thousands of small-scale businesses and give an impetus to remote economy.
Travel — A Panacea for Mental Health
Sure, we miss looking at beautiful IG feeds of travel influencers. The biggest pain is felt by those who set out on an adventure. There is no argument to the fact that travel is therapeutic and a panacea for good mental health. Staying in, working from home and not stepping out had become a new norm. However, it also caused severe impact on people’s mental wellbeing. Resuming travel would mean, those in dire need for a change and experience can step out and experience the outdoor beauty.
Zero Socialization - A BIG Nah
Being cut-off from the world, having zero socialization outside of your immediate family — that’s not the direction life is supposed to towards. Those who are frequent travelers will tell you that the people you meet, interactions and rendezvous you have leave a deep impact on your very life. Once travel resumes, you can take a breather from your life indoors and soak in the local culture.
So, We’re Saying
Travel should resume, but with a new face. Incorporating the ‘new normal’ norms, places should open up and let everyone take a breather from their otherwise monotonous routine. Instead of taking short vacays, how about working out of scenic locations such as snow-clad mountains or picturesque hillocks and opting for long stays or Workcations. Something to think about, isn’t it?

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