How To Travel Safe During COVID19 Times?
How To Travel Safe During COVID19 Times?
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The times are tough and mental health of people as well as our economy graph is on a downward spiral. Resuming travel can be considered as an excellent move if both, the service providers as well as travellers cooperate. Travel, explore, don’t miss out on great things but do it responsibly. Here’s how:
Plan You Travel Safely
If you are travelling, make sure you will adhering to safety norms to safeguard yourself as well as other around you.
  • Plan every detail the trip (places to stay, spots to visit, conveyance, budget) in advance.
  • Always book cabs that are sanitized before and after your trip.
  • Check-into verified hotels only as they strictly follow the safety measures.
  • Avoid crowded public transport.
  • Be vigilant of your surroundings and inform about misadventures by miscreants who are seen flouting the norms, immediately to the authorities.
  • Before travelling, take the government-prescribed TruNat Covid test. Travel only if the test result is negative.
Carry A Pandemic Medical Kit
Here’s what you must carry with yourself while travelling in your pandemic toolkit:
  • Carry a lot of triple-layered protective face masks. They can be disposable as well as washable. Comfort matters more.
  • Buy disposable hand gloves in bulk because they come handy while picking up things or touching places.
  • Sanitizers are a must-have in your purse all the time.
  • Carry PPE kits too to completely shield yourself.
  • Carry mask shield too.
  • Carry vitamins with you.
  • You must have a basic medicine (paracetamol) and first-aid kit.
  • A thermometer, oxymeter can also be carried.
  • You must have IDs and negative COVID report as you will require them to present them at the time of check-ins.
Check into Verified Stays
Make sure you always check-into properties that are verified.
  • Hotels must be sanitized properly.
  • Premises must be clean. .
  • Prior to booking your stay, check online reviews if the safety norms are followed in reality or not. .
  • Avoid staying in a place that is located in containment zone. .
  • Prefer remote places that are less-crowded. Many hotels have cap on number of visitors nowadays.
Monitor Where You Eat & What You Eat
While travelling to different destinations, you must consider what you eat and where you eat.
  • Strictly avoid eating at dirty places where food is left open or is being cooked in unhygienic conditions.
  • If you are ordering in, make sure food is heated again to kill germs, if any.
  • Opt for cooked food rather than raw items.
  • When travelling for short distances, you can carry your tiffin from home.
Visit Safe Places Only
Always check the condition of the place beforehand. It is advisable to travel only to places where there are negligible to zero COVID cases. Places like Himachal or Uttarakhand are some of the gems that are ideal for long stays and even workcations.

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