Step Out With CARE: Here’s How Communities Can Promote Safe Tourism During COVID19
Step Out With CARE: Here’s How Communities Can Promote Safe Tourism During COVID19
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To travel or not to travel is the big question looming. However, the answer is an eternal YES if safety measures are taken. The thing of utmost importance is safety nowadays and one should make sure that the place you are visiting and the hotel you are planning to lodge at are adhering to safety measures. There are umpteen reasons already why travel should resume in India. This is where communities play a major role in promoting travel and tourism.

Here’s how communities can promote safe touring during COVID times:
Following State Guidelines
Not every Indian state is on high alert when it comes to the state of COVID19. The hotels, resorts, other establishments as well as local shops, eateries and other places must make sure that they adhere strictly to their own state guidelines as they differ from state to state. Also, there should be a cap on the number of visitors.
Mandatory COVID19 Negative Report
The travellers as well as the service providers, both should have a COVID19 negative medical report from an authorized medical lab or hospital. Take the RT-PCR or TruNat COVID tests as advised by the state governments. Without it, admission of any tourist should not be allowed.
Contactless Check-In, Sanitized Cabs & Hotels
The word that everyone loves to hear is ‘Contactless’. While every other business is adopting the contactless model, why should travel industry stay far behind? Communities must make sure that the hotels practice contact-less check in, conveyance transport is sanitized before and after picking and dropping the passengers. The premises should be cleaned and sanitized every now and then to ward off the germs.
Opt For Long Stay Plans
During the pandemic, it is not advisable to venture out again and again as you are prone to more risk. Similarly, avoid group departures to lessen the risk. Instead, opt for long stays or workcations where you can combine spending quality time with loved ones and work at picturesque places as well. A lot of resorts are offering amazing deals for long workcations and staycation. Go, grab them all!
Promoting Remote Locations for Stay
  • This country is full of hidden gems. Why opt for the regular destinations when you can tread on the lesser trodden path?
  • Since, COVID19 is a communicable disease, the chances of catching infection in remote locations are minimal as compared to crowded locations.
  • Travel, not tour. Whether it’s a solo trip for soul searching and getting your mental health right back on track, or simply exploring and having fun with your gang, remote locations never cease to amaze us.

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