Highly Successful People Who Are Advocating Remote Work from a Long Time
Highly Successful People Who Are Advocating Remote Work from a Long Time
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One thing that this ongoing pandemic has popularized is the ‘Work From Home’ culture. Yes, the phenomenon has existed forever. However, it was always underplayed by corporates, conglomerates as well as working professionals. While this has two sides like a coin, we have experienced it a great deal.
  1. WFH allows us to work from the comfort of our homes.
  2. It enables us to maintain a work-life balance as we save a lot of time by not commuting, as well as it preserves resources.
  3. It gives the same amount of output with little investment.
  4. It allows us to think out-of-the-box.
  5. We can focus on ourselves and our mental health.
WFH has given rise to workcation, a work vacation where you combine your love for travel and exploring various territories with work. You can check into an excellent workcation resort and enjoy working with a view.
There were a few illustrious personalities who adopted this culture long before the onset of the pandemic. No wonder, these personalities are labelled as ‘visionaries’. Let’s take a look:
Bill Gates
This legendary man adopted the WFH culture and has coined the term ‘Think Weeks’. Bill Gates takes two week-long retreats annually where he introspects about his business, gets his creative juices flowing, and comes up with innovative ideas and solutions.
Richard Branson
Hailed as the king of leisure (business plus leisure) and workcation, Richard Branson, founder of the Virgin Group believes in this culture wholeheartedly. Proof? He treats his employees to unlimited vacation time and allows them to take workcation, enabling them to be more productive.
James Hamilton
He is a big shot personality who lives on his boat- The Dirona! We kid you not! James Hamilton, the engineer behind Amazon’s successful stint is known to sail to Hawaii and work from the islands. Reason? He knows the importance of good workcation and its benefits!
John Donahoe
The CEO of E-bay plans his vacations. He breaks away from the shackles of monotony. He even advocates the importance of reasonable work hours and holidays to his employees.
Jim Moffatt
The biggest toxic trend nowadays is celebrating burn out and overworking. Condemning this toxic work culture, CEO of Deloitte, Jim Moffatt makes his employees, especially the people in higher management to take a ‘serious vacation’. Read his article, which he wrote on the importance of taking a vacation and escaping burnout!

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