The Buzz Behind The Word Workcations - An Upgraded Travel Trend!
The Buzz Behind The Word Workcations - An Upgraded Travel Trend!
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There are many things that can make life quite unbearable and living in a city during a pandemic sure does top the list. If you're caught in the same metropolitan rut, and want to move to the mountains, beaches and countryside, worry not! WanderOn Travel Community has got you covered.

The Covid pandemic shattered many plans we made in 2020 - especially our travel plans. Work from home became the new normal for almost every working professional, but this whole scenario became chaos more than comfort.

That's why we came up with the concept of Workcations. We, now, not only take you on trips but are also offering a stay in the mountains on a long term basis. We have named this concept - Workcation. We focus on the significance of the letter C.
That is the reason why we incorporated community feel, ease of connecting with like-minded people, cost-effective options, and a bridge to connect with the local people and understand the culture.

Following reasons sets us apart from other ordinary workations
1. Building a travel Community
WanderOn has always emphasized on building a community that aims to bring like minded people together. No matter your profession, a traveller at heart can always find a home away from home.
2. Making connections with fellow travellers
This community isn’t restricted only to trips but everlasting connections that we make with fellow travelers. Staying with each other for a longer period can build connections and spark new friendship. Working with them in a shared space will lead to better communication and coordination.
3. Conversations over chai
Every second at workcation is a memory you're registering for lifetime. So when you're not working, you have ample time to engage in interesting conversations with your fellow workcationists, or the local people! If you're not a conversation starter, we give you a pro tip- grab a cuppa and let the chai do the talking!
4. Cost efficiency
As for costs of living in the mountains, we’ve stipulated a plan that makes your stay efficient and budget friendly. You no longer have to worry for groceries and electricity bills! We've got you covered!
At WorkCations, you will surely find properties economical than your rented places in the cities you are living.
5. Supporting the local culture
As a community, we believe in supporting and preserving the local culture. This not only includes respect for the culture but also the environment. We consciously focus to reduce our litter, make our trips eco-friendlier and more sustainable in order to preserve the surroundings around us.
So, if you’re looking for a place to work from, nestled in the mountains, all you need to do is grab your laptop and backpack and drop a message, rest team Workcations will handle!

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Started with a vision to transform remote-work life, we at Workcations are dedicated to help you embrace a blend of work and vacation like never before. We provide a fusion of top notch services along with a beautiful view so that you can relish your new work environment.

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