Ditch Office Parties! here's a new way to celebrate success
Ditch Office Parties! here's a new way to celebrate success
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Are you a workaholic but also love to party? Do you miss going out on the weekends with your friends and colleague after a long week? Well, worry not! Here a new way to celebrate success- WORKCATION! It’s the perfect balance between work and leisure lifestyle.

With the pandemic still on your heads like a sword, workcation is a much safer way to celebrate anything.

Here’s why we prefer a workcation over office parties
1. Increases efficiency and happiness quotient of the team
On one hand, work from office involves more work hours on the other hand workcation offers more flexibility with work schedule, leisure time with colleagues, and personal time with oneself. Such a work schedule not only increases the efficiency and productivity of a team but also their overall happiness in relation to the team, the organization, and the self.
2. Provides the perfect work environment
Workcations offer the best work environment one could hope for. Imagine working from a remote location nestled in the mountains. Isn’t it so much better than working inside a cubicle all day long?
3. Celebrate/Party with fellow travelers
There’s something very unique about celebrations in the mountains away from the suffocating atmosphere of a city. You not only get a chance to celebrate with the team in different locations but also with the like-minded travelers you meet on your journey.
4. Increases the mental well being of employees
In a workcation, you get to celebrate every day. After you’re done with your work, you can simply head out to cafes, stroll around the streets of the Himalayas and enjoy a beautiful sunset every evening. Who wouldn’t want that?
5. Support the local economy
By ditching office parties in the cities and celebrating in the mountains you are supporting the local economy in various ways. Whatever you buy from the locals contribute majorly to their lives.
We’ve stated all the reasons why we think a workcation is better than office parties. From managing time more productively to engaging with the local economy. So, what are you waiting for? Gather your team, head to the mountains and celebrate life everyday!

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