From WFH to Workcations, Story behind culture shift in work from anywhere
From WFH to Workcations, Story behind culture shift in work from anywhere
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Many people have always dreamt of working from the mountains. The possibility of the same has always daunted many of us for the same reason we fear change. Shifting, connectivity, family and many other things can seem to become an obstacle to live that perfect mountain life. Working from a remote location can be challenging but with the pandemic set upon us, the dynamics of the world has changed and so has the work culture.
A chance to live surrounded by a natural paradise
Until the pandemic hit us, work from home was not the norm - it seemed more like a leave or a vacation where one could still keep working at. A blue moon phenomenon, work from home seemed like a way to escape the occasional boredom at work. As the lockdown changed the entire structure of the world, the entire work/organizational culture also took a 360-degree turn. From not only reducing office costs such as electricity and rent, work from home also increased productivity of the employees. With the advancement in technology, communication (as many did not expect) did not hinder the functioning and flow of the work.

However, the downside to work from home was the loss of personal connections and daily interactions with colleagues (read friends). The sense of belongingness to one’s organization withered away.

How Work from Home differs from workcations is the focus on the social element alongside of work.
1. Workcations focuses on human interaction and relationships
Human beings are social animals. We cannot live in isolation after a certain time. Even though work from home seemed quite comforting during the first few months of the lockdown, the loss of social element started hitting the employees drastically. The unlock phase was welcomed by everyone for now they could get back to a common destination and resume the normal routine of meeting and interacting with others.
2. Gives importance to face to face conversations and discussion
On one hand, work from home focuses on interaction through technology on the other hand, workcation has made us realize that the same is not enough. Face to face conversations and discussions trump coordination through technology any day. There is less scope for miscommunication and more scope of better cooperation and efficiency.
3. Work environment is the key to a successful organization
An organization’s success depends not only its employees but also the kind of environment the employees work in. The absence of work environment in work from home culture not only reduces efficiency after a point but also leads to a loss of belongingness to one’s organization. This can lead to serious consequences if it culminates into loss of interactions with colleagues. At Workations, we have setup a perfect environment to continue you work without any hassle.
4. Focus on leisure activities alongside of work
While work from home gives a lot of flexibility, workation is icing on top of the cake. Not only is your schedule flexible but you also get the opportunity to travel around the place you’re ‘workcationing’ at!
5. Meeting like-minded people
Work from home does bring in the bonus opportunity to spend more time with your family, whereas on a workcation you can enjoy time not only with your family but also like minded travellers that you meet on your journey or destination.

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