Pristine Paradise: Here’s Why You Should Go For A Workcation To Bir
Pristine Paradise: Here’s Why You Should Go For A Workcation To Bir
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Beautiful mountains, lush green foliage, authentic cuisine, awesome weather, outdoorsy activities – don’t these factors make for a perfect vacation? Book your long stay or a workcation (a vacation and work) at a beautiful destination and maintain a great work-life balance. Why not choose the picturesque village of Bir in Himachal Pradesh. Take a breather from mundane routine and book a workcation there because, with travel resuming, a lot of other activities are resuming as well. Here’s why Bir is one of our favorite picks for workcations:
Paragliding Has Resumed
Bir is a very popular destination for paragliding. COVID19 had put full-stop on all the outdoorsy activities in many places including Bir. The good news is that Bir has resumed the sport. What are you waiting for? Enjoy breeze across your face while your adrenaline pumps up.
Explore Quaint Local Cafes
Pahadi villages tend to have a lot of quaint and quirky local cafes that are totally Insta-worthy! Explore beautiful cafes and enjoy the lip-smacking dishes such as Ara Café, Vairagi Café, Byron Bay, Musafir. The best thing is the rustic décor that gives out comfy vibes. Eat, read your favorite book or even work while sipping on beverages.
Serene Getaway To Buddhist Monasteries
Enjoy a spiritual sojourn and meditate at the beautiful Buddhist monasteries that are there aplenty in Bir. The atmosphere is calm, serene, and full of good vibes. Some of the popular names include Palpong monastery, Chokling, Dzongsar, Palyul etc.
Go On Cycling Treks
Have too many presentations? While on a workcation, you can take a break and focus on your health by going on a cycling trek. Break a sweat while pedaling amongst a clump of trees, snow-clad mountains, and beautiful foliage.
Walking Tours Across Bir River
Enough with adventure activities, sometimes all you need is a long walk. There is nothing more exhilarating than walking across cold, crystal-clear and fresh water rivers.
Scenic Picnics To Take A Break From Work
When working, why not have a lunch picnic instead? Go to a scenic destination such as valley foothills, meadows, creek-side and enjoy yummy food while admiring the scenery.
When on workcations, work is a lot more fun as there are great views and tons of other activities that will rejuvenate you. Why opt for the well-known common destinations, when you can opt for the picturesque ones like Bir.

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