Five Reasons to Work and Vacay in Pauri
Five Reasons to Work and Vacay in Pauri
Not only Pauri's pristine beauty but the breathtaking view of dusks enchants tourists. Situated at the height of 1814 m in the Garhwal region, this beautiful hill station is surrounded by lush forests, waterfalls, spiritual places, and whatnot.

Pauri is the perfect destination for taking a break from the humdrum affairs of the normal life and plan a workation to get a chance to work with a peaceful surrounding.
The Country Life
Pauri offers good internet connectivity but is far too away from the hush of metro life! It's calm, serene and a place you'll find mostly in the novels! All in all, a great place to retrieve your lost peace of mind.
Himalayan Peaks!
The mountains have long been a source of inspiration for the greatest minds to get working!

While you spend your workcations in Pauri, you'll be surrounded by not one but Many Himalayan Peaks including Chaukhamba, Nanda Devi, Hathi Parvat, and Even Kedarnath to name a few!
The Blessings of Almighty!
There's something miraculous about Uttarakhand! Maybe it's the belief of locals in their deities, such that there is always an air of positivity around!

At Pauri, you can seek blessings at Tarkeshwar Mahadev Temple, which is a major attraction here!
Trek your heart out!
Pauri offers a little something for everyone! There are options for both long and short treks from Pauri! Go through the lush forests of Binsor-Gairsain, or take on the Doodhatoli Trek! You can camp around various fishing areas to have a relaxing activity to look forward to!
Picnic in Khirsu
Relive your childhood days when one would just go to a quaint spot with some packed food, games, and books in hand! 20 km from Pauri is Khirsu, which could be your ideal weekend spot and a reward for making through the week!

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