10 Essential Items to Carry While Working from a Remote Location
10 Essential Items to Carry While Working from a Remote Location
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Since 2020, we have changed our ways of working. From offices to work from home to workcations. Out of all, workcation has been the best form! And for all the right reasons, isn’t it? Everyone dreams of working from the mountains - amidst the natural paradise. But, all good things come at a price. Workations can come with a bit of challenge at the beginning if not prepped well for them. Here is a list of essential items that you can carry while working from a remote location, so that you can enjoy your stay in the mountains without any hassle.
1. Extension Cord
Finding multiple charging points can be a difficult at times so we recommend that you carry your personal cord for a smooth work session.
Where to buy: Extension Board
2. Reusable Coffee Mugs and Thermos
Carry your hot beverages in mugs or thermos and set up your work ANYWHERE! This way you are also reducing plastic usage.
Where to buy: Reusable Coffee Mugs And Thermos
3. Reusable Water Bottles
The most essential of all- a reusable water bottle! Say no to plastic and fill up your bottle by any stream.
Where to buy: Reusable Water Bottles
4. Packing Cubes
To keep your space and stuff organized- pack them in small bags and label them accordingly to help yourself identifying them easily.
Where to buy: Packing Cubes
5. Inflatable Pillows and Back Support Cushions
Sitting in one position is tiresome especially when you don’t have the luxury of beds all the time. Carry your personal inflatable pillow or support cushion to ease that back pain!
Where to buy: Inflatable Pillows And Back Support Cushions
6. Notepads and Journals
Whether you’re working or thinking, you need a notepad/journal to jot down those points! And what’s a better location than journaling by a river side or a cafe with magnificent views.
Where to buy: Notepads And Journals
7. Sanitizer and Mini Handwash
Don’t forget to carry the most priced item of the universe at the moment- sanitizer! You know it works. You can also carry a mini hand wash to avoid contact with other people.
Where to buy: Sanitizer      Hand Wash
8. Noise Cancellation Bluetooth Earphones
Join meeting from ANYWHERE with the latest technology of noise cancelling earphones and avoid the disturbance of your surroundings. Nobody will ever suspect your location!
Where to buy: Noise Cancellation Bluetooth Earphones      Noise Cancellation Bluetooth Earphones
9. WIFI Dongles and Power Banks
Carry your personal dongle to avoid the hassle of finding good internet connections. Don’t forget to carry a power bank when you’re out on the go.
Pro Tip: Just do a bit of research about the best network provider of that area before buying a dongle.
Where to buy: WIFI Dongles And Power Banks
10. Sunscreen and Mosquito Cream
Sun is harsher at high altitude. Carry a sunscreen, a hydrating moistures and mosquito creams to protect your skin at all times.
Where to buy: Sunscreen And Mosquito Cream
Want to work in the mountains? Contact us to know more. We’ve got your back while you work from a remote location!

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