Bangalore Techies, Reasons Why You Should Have A Workcation In Gokarna
Bangalore Techies, Reasons Why You Should Have A Workcation In Gokarna
Idyllic beaches, picturesque temples, serene surroundings —Gokarna is all these things. A small and quiet temple town in Karnataka, Gokarna is one of our favourite picks for weekend getaways and fun vacations. Bengaluru is a hub for techies and startup founders and the stress that this pandemic has caused cannot be measured. Why not unwind with a long vacation without missing work at Gokarna? Confused? Let us explain you. Pack your bags and go for a long workcation (a work vacation) to Gokarna and don’t miss even a single gem that this place has to offer.
Gokarna Is Heaven for Idyllic Beaches
All the beaches in Gokarna are pristine and unique. Beach hopping is one of the top activities that you should do here. The must-visit beaches include the crescent moon-shaped Kudle beach, Paradise beach aka ‘Full Moon Beach’, The Om beach that is in the shape of the sacred Om symbol, as well as the super-chill Gokarna beach.
Go on A Walking Tour & Visit Architectural Temples
Whether travelling with friends or solo, embark on a walking tour and enjoy picturesque locales. The huts, homes and temples are a delight to watch. You can visit the 150-year old, magnificent Dravidian-style Mahabaleshwara temple that is made of white granite. The temple houses a 6-feet tall Shiv Linga known as Atmalinga. Every 40 years, they have the Ashta Bandana Kumbhahishekam festival that is popular among the devotees.
Enjoy Staycation at Rustic Beach Shack Resorts
This beach town has many beach-facing shacks and rustic resorts that provide with great facilities. How will you feel when you wake up to a gorgeous beach view? Sounds surreal, doesn’t it?
Enjoy Authentic Cuisine at Shacks & Cafes
Seafood, coastal dishes, sweets and global cuisine, when it comes to food, Gokarna has a lot to offer. Visit these lovely cafes and eateries to enjoy some lip-smacking food. All these places have a surreal beachy vibe to them. Some popular names include Ganga Café, Café 1987, Rock Namaste Café etc.
Enjoy Water Sports
Have loads of fun with water sports that these beaches offer. Adventure seekers can enjoy banana boat rides, boating, kaykaying, aqua bumper rides and many other fun water sports.
Beach Camping & Trekking
At nights, you can camp on the beach, light up a bonfire, have a BBQ party, chill and enjoy music while camping on the beach. Nothing beats watching the stars while sleeping and listening to melodious wave sounds. There are several beach trek tour operators and it is one the best trekking destination.
Workcations At Gokarna
With all these recreational activities, your mind will be fresh. These resorts provide with great comfort and facilities such as wifi, pool etc. With strong signal, you can host meetings on beachside, and get creative juices flowing. Gokarna is a pretty popular place amongst Bengaluru peeps and the corporates and techies can always have a workcation here.
Unwinding from work is much-needed because it provides us with fresh perspective. You can also take short breaks and enjoy attractions while resorts provide you with all facilities. It is also a great way to

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