Confirmed: Himachal Pradesh To Allow Inter-State Travel Without E-pass and COVID Report!
Confirmed: Himachal Pradesh To Allow Inter-State Travel Without E-pass and COVID Report!
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Edit: 2 days after the news of E -Pass cancellation for Inter-State Movement to Himachal came out, the travel process has seemed to ease out. As per our ground reports, the checkpoints at Swaarghat, Bajaura, and Parmanu have been removed. The vehicles are being let into the state borders of Himachal without an E Pass or COVID-19 Negative certificate. However, the vehicle number is being registered by the officials at the check post. Previously, all the documents including E Pass and COVID certificates were being examined here at these checkpoints.
In a big announcement on Tuesday 15 September, the Himachal Pradesh government granted permission to resume the inter-state travel without an e-pass. The state borders of Himachal Pradesh were shut for more than five months due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Earlier this month government had relaxed interstate travel norms for tourists so that they could revive the tourism in the state.
Is it true tourists will not require any E-Pass to enter Himachal?
The internet got flooded with articles stating that Himachal Pradesh has finally removed the mandatory Himachal E-Pass Registration to enter its border! According to ANI, the government officials decided to discontinue the necessity of E-Pass to enter the state.
Will tourists have to Carry Himachal COVID Negative Certificate to enter the Border?
There is a lot of confusion regarding this information among people,some articlesstate that the requirement of COVID19 negative certificate to enter Himachal too has been scrapped! According to state government had permitted the tourists who bring along Covid-19 negative reports/certificates to enter the state.
How will the Himachal government implement these new travel guidelines in the State?
This move of new by the government will surely benefit the people associated with the hotel industry and tourism sector. Bars and restaurants of the state started their operations from September already. Whereas the Kullu and Manali Hoteliers Association had announced their decision to continue businesses from October 1. It will be really difficult for the government to remove restrictions from all places together. Likely there are chances of conflicts between state authorities and local unions who are worried about the spread of the pandemic due to these new Himachal Travel Guidelines.

  • Local administration is a real game-changer here - they are implementing their own rules since the border movement has started after the Indian Government started to issue the unlock guidelines.
  • The wandering soul inside our body is craving for travel as early as possible, these new travel guidelines from the Himachal government will be a game-changer for the tourism sector. People already accepted the new form of travel; they are planning for safer long stays and workcation (work from mountains). It is highly recommended and safer to plan for longer durations with your family and friends until we find a cure to battle out with this pandemic.

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