Why Remote Work Culture and Workcations Will Stay In Indian Corporate Culture?
Why Remote Work Culture and Workcations Will Stay In Indian Corporate Culture?
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No matter how much we criticize the COVID and the situations that it has brought up for all of us, it has given rise to a few good things also.

While many of us used to work in big cities and offices, living far away from our home and family, the COVID outbreak sent us back, bringing us close to our loved ones. Yes, the work from home isn’t suiting everyone well, we know it! But it is safe, more convenient and allows a whole lot of freedom to each employee.
So, whether you are working from home or travelling to your favourite hill-station with your laptop and virtual workspace, this article may be useful for you.

Here are four reasons why the remote work culture and workcations may be here to stay in the Indian corporate scenario.
1. Many of Us Have Moved and Evolved
I remember when I came home in March. In my mind, I was taking COVID as a strong flue that’ll pass in a few weeks.

I had my vacation planned for two weeks after I started working from home. And as time passed, I realised, I should vacate my flat and move back to my home permanently.

And that was just me. Apart from that, hundreds and thousands of people have left the big cities and gone back to their hometowns. This has also trained us all to coordinate better from a distance.

Unlike earlier, all the workcations, work meetings, interviews and group projects are happening online, and that too smoothly.
2. Government has allowed IT companies for WFH and WFA
Keeping the current scenarios and the risk of COVID in mind, different state governments, have extended the work from home allowances up to 31st December 2020.

And that’s not it. Many private companies have sent out notices allowing their employees to work from home permanently. This may mean that once the situations normalise, the employees may be required to visit their offices a few times in a week. In all cases, it can be a relief for most of the employees.

This is also supposed to impact the workation norms across most industries.
3. Companies are Encouraging Remote Work
Well, why would they not? Certainly, working from home is economical for their resources. From electricity bills to food offerings, cab allowances and everything else, companies are getting to save a lot. And and and! We can’t forget that a number of organisations have their employees work more than they used to do earlier.

So, yes, companies are definitely encouraging remote work. This is going to impact the work culture highly, and thus workcations may become an integral part of the Indian corporate culture.
4. Work Stress and Travel Deprivation may Revolutionize Workcations
As said earlier, many of the corporate employees are now having a tough time working from home. Certainly, the workload has increased, giving an inevitable rise to the overall stress.

All of us need breaks, and a happening workation can provide a much-needed break.

So, yes, that’s another factor that can influence the corporate culture in India.

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