7 Work Friendly Cafes in Manali for Workcations
7 Work Friendly Cafes in Manali for Workcations
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As the global number of COVID cases is constantly going up, companies and government bodies have become more adamant towards precautionary strictness. And why not? It seems to be the sole most impactful way of controlling the outbreak.

But on the contrary, people have started losing their minds. Mental stresses are on the rise, and the workload is beginning to become more challenging than ever before.

Amidst all the chaos, the need for stepping out is arising. And people are starting to consider workcations. Moving ahead, this article is just about that. Here we are discussing seven work-friendly cafes in Manali that are fit for workations.
1. Cafe 1947
Often termed as one of the best cafes in Manali, 1947 is one legend on this list. From the ambiance to the food and the views from the window, everything is simply breathtaking.

Plus, the fast WiFi and friendly culture make the perfect match for anyone looking for a peaceful and productive working spot.
2. Born Free Cafe
If you love music and love working with it, Born Free has to be on your list. At the Born Free cafe, they play live music that will heal your body and relax your mind after a tiring day of vacation.

Plus, their coffee will definitely keep your eyes wide open while working.
3. Rocky’s Cafe
Enjoy the real trance at the Rocky’s cafe, set the mood, and work your day off with your favourite food.

Set up after a small climb, this cafe also gives you stunning views, plus the food is finger licking good and coupled with a work-friendly environment.

Just perfect for a rejuvenating workation.
4. Cafe Amigos
If you want to work and need a warm & cozy place to sit at, Cafe Amigos is your best bet. The cafe fraternity warmly welcomes people looking for a workation spot. Plus, the veg yark is one of the best dishes.

Just remember that you can’t find non-veg dishes here.
5. Casa Bella Vista
Love abstract design? Casa Bella Vista is a cafe with a distinguished theme of yellow walls. Apart from that, the place is famous for its pizzeria and a work-friendly culture. You can peacefully work your day here.
6. Lazy Dog Manali
Looking for a super-chill place with a warm ambiance and quick service? Lazy Dog Lounge is the place for you.

Whether you’re visiting with your friends or work fraternity, you can have a great time here. And if you love beer, drinking here won’t cost the bank.
7. Johnson Cafe
If you’re going for a big pocket workcation and are looking for an unmatched working experience, Johnson Cafe is probably the best cafe in Manali.

From ambiance to service and the food that they serve, everything is top notch.

As the prices are high, you can expect a comfortable workation.
8. Drifter’s Cafe
This beautiful cafe situated in old Manali is a home away from home for all the drifters out there.

You will be served with the perfect food to satiate your taste buds at Drifter’s Cafe.

A good collection of books to read, good WiFi for workation, and a chill atmosphere makes it an ideal place to sit, sip, work, and chill.
Wrapping up, Manali is a beautiful hill station sitting in the lap of Himachal Pradesh. And more than anything, it’s loved for its beautiful cafes.

If you’re looking for a quick escape to the chilly hills for a productive yet relaxing workation, this post could have helped you find the best cafes in Manali.

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